Online Marketing

Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen

Having a website is essential, but how are you going to get people to it or continue to build your relationship with them after they have visited it? We look at both aspects in our online marketing offerings, which allows you to speak directly with your existing and potential customers and foster a trust that results in new and expanded relationships.

Partnered with looking at how people react to online ads and campaigns, you can get an inside glimpse into who is reacting to campaigns, and what they are doing once they get to your website. The more you know about what people do on your website, the better prepared you are for future marketing campaigns and the better you can adapt to challenge and take advantage of opportunities.

I highly recommend working with Courtney and John. They are professional, dependable, and I can always trust that I am in great hands.

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What you can expect if you…

need help with email marketing…

  • Brand recognition through regular communication with subscribers
  • Get more reviews on products and services after online purchases
  • Reconnect with inactive customers to continue building your customer relationship
  • Segmented groups so you can better target who gets your messages

need help with online advertising…

  • Ads and campaigns targeted at your ideal customer, in your geographic market
  • Campaigns that are monitored, refined and continuously improved on
  • Appear before your competitors in search results and on social media platforms

want to know what’s working…

  • Know what links people are clicking on
  • Know what people are looking at and for how long
  • Determine what communications have been effective with customers
  • Learn how to optimize your emails and ads for best conversion rates