Health Check

Quarterly Website Monitoring

Like an old sign, faded and cracked in front of your business a run-down website can leave new and prospective customers with a negative first impression of your business.  The days where people would open the yellow pages when looking for goods and services in their area are long gone.  Today people are most likely to perform a quick google search, or ask their friends and family, often on social media for a recommendation.  At MoonSoar Services we can ensure people aren’t finding your website slow or  broken. Put your best foot forward with a fast and working website.

What exactly is included in a quarterly health check?

General Website Testing

  • Produce a sitemap
  • Check each page on your website to ensure it displays properly
  • Check each image to ensure loading properly
  • Check links to internal pages and external sites to ensure no broken links
  • Check load speed of home page and all pages linked from the main menu
  • Check that your Google Business profile is accurate

Front End Testing

  • Desktop browser testing using the most current version of Google Chrome (which has over 70% of current browser market share in 2019)
  • Mobile browser testing on both Android and iPhone default browsers
  • Note: additional browser testing will have an added cost and can be discussed at any point

Back End Testing

  • Update WordPress version to most current stable build
  • Update all plugins to most stable version
  • Confirm that all contact forms are working
  • Check security status
  • Check for any signs of malware or unauthorized access
  • Check that Analytics is installed on your website and you have meaningful goals setup

Why we check these things


If your website is slow, you could be losing a lot of leads.  You can lose nearly 1% of visitors for ever 0.1 seconds added to load time a website according to Google Analytics.  This means if your website takes 4 seconds to load, by reducing your load time to 2 seconds 20% more people stick around.

Mobile Friendly:

We’ve crossed a tipping point where the majority of website views come from mobile devices and tablets.  A website that isn’t mobile friendly can have a huge impact.  People who check a site from their phone which doesn’t display properly are less likely to come back to it when they get to their computer, and more likely to move on to the next option. 

Search Engine Friendly:

People need to find your website.  The best way to do this is to make your site friendly to Google and other search engines.  Both page load performance and mobile friendly play into this, but there are other important factors.  Do you have meaningful and working content?   Are you set up with Google My Business?


Do you know what’s happening on your website?  Analytics means getting meaningful and actionable information by looking at what people are doing on your website.  Do you know if most visitors go to your contact us page?  What time do people usually visit your site?  What age is your typical user?  We can help you know this out and so much more. 

Does your site need a healthcheck? Get in touch with us today!