The Grocery Foundation


About the Client

The client, The Grocery Foundation, is a national charity whose mission is to ensure that no child goes to school hungry in Canada. Founded in 1979 by a group of grocery retailers and consumer package goods manufacturers in Ontario, the charity has a number of annual campaigns to help raise funds where 100% of proceeds go towards local breakfast programs.

Their Toonies for Tummies campaign runs from January through March in retailers in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The Client's Problem

The client uses MoonSoar Services to help with two main problems.

First, the client needs someone with an understanding of their annual Toonies for Tummies campaign. The client needs someone who has very fast turn-around, and can easily translate what the client envisions into materials that will be used prior to, during, and after the campaign.

Second, the client needed a website solution that would allow for an easy donation process. Their current website is in the early stages of a full website redesign, and the client required a quick stop-gap solution for donations.

The Process

We work closely with the client when developing assets for their annual Toonies for Tummies campaign. Because of the nature of the campaign, and because the client relies solely on sponsorships from food manufacturers and distributors, there is often a quick turn around for creation of project assets. Working with the client for a number of years has allowed us to best tweak our process to allow fastest turn around time for all initial concepts and revisions, as we have learned what speaks best to this client’s target market.

For the most recent Toonies for Tummies campaign, MoonSoar Services created the following assets:

  • barometer to measure how many donations each individual store has received
  • in-store cash danglers
  • in-store decals for donators to sign
  • flyers for different retailers
  • coupons and printed advertisements
  • in-store posters promoting sponsor products
  • in-store shelf-blades promoting sponsor products
  • imagery for stores, sponsors, retailers, the client and other partners to use on social media and print media

Some materials for the campaign required a few alternatives:

  • Both English & French languages
  • Both Ontario & Western-Canada targeted

Prior to gearing for the most recent Toonies for Tummies campaign, we worked with the client to create assets that would generate interest for both independent grocers and potential sponsors to sign on for the campaign.

In addition to campaign materials, we also work closely with this client for their website needs. When the client required a solution for better capturing donations online, we evaluated all costing for platforms, what the client needs down the road would be, and recommended moving to the Shopify platform for all online donations. Our two major concerns were making the donation process easy for end users, and for making the process seamless when going from their current website to the donation area. We created a subsite for the client, hosted on the Shopify platform, that reflected their current live site, knowing that they were planning on moving forward with a full website redesign in the future.

In order to help educate the public about their cause, the client often requires a quick & easy way to digest information. We have worked with the client a number of times to create infographics for these situations.

Previously, the client didn’t provide end users with options for donating, and left it up to the end user to select how much they would like to donate. We created three different options in a way that spoke emotionally to the end user – feeding a child breakfast for a month, feeding a child breakfast for a year, and contributing to a breakfast program.

We are currently working with the client to redesign their full website.

The Client's Results

In the 3 years since MoonSoar Services was brought on to create the materials for the Toonies for Tummies Campaign, there was a 150% increase in donations throughout the campaign period. The campaign now reaches millions of Canadian customers within participating relators and in select media.

The move to Shopify to handle the online donation process resulting in seeing a consistent user experience for the full donation process, and provided an easier way for end users to decide how much to donate. Online donations have grown during campaign periods for the client.

Screenshot of The Grocery Foundation website

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