Sun Valley Farms

Logo & Website Design

About the Client

The client is a cherry orchard located on the Niagara Escarpment. The client renovated a century-old barn on their property to turn it into a sophisticated wedding venue.

The Client's Problem

The client was just starting to expand their business into becoming a wedding venue when they reached out to use. They required full branding, including logo design, marketing materials, and a website. All materials needed to reflect both that they were a family-friendly cherry orchard with pick-your-own cherries, and that they were a unique wedding venue for rustic luxe wedding experiences.

The Process

We began working with this client in an exploratory process, looking at how the client differed from similar wedding venues in the Niagara region:

  • they were an orchard (not a vineyard)
  • their location allowed for photography with the escarpment in the background
  • they were more central to the Toronto market.

We wanted to help the client craft a brand that felt very luxurious, but wouldn’t alienate their current clientele – those who come to the location to pick their own cherries.

The two main stakeholders in the business had differing aesthetic tastes, so we also had to ensure that the materials weren’t too opulent but had some fanciness to them.

We worked with the client to develop a logo that could be used for both sides of the business, could be used in multiple applications, and could be readable both at a small size (for business cards, etc) and at larger sizes (such as signage).

Once the logo was developed, we moved on to double-sided business cards, where one side focused on the cherry orchard aspect of the business and the other focused on the wedding venue. This choice was made to both save costs for the client and to help cross promote the two offerings.

We also worked with the client to create a rack card specifically for promotion of the wedding venue side of the business. These cards were handed out to customers when they purchased cherries as well as being provided to local photographers who had used their location to stage photo shoots.

Once these marketing materials were completed, we started work on the client’s website. Again, we had to keep in mind that the business had two distinct offerings and two distinct target markets. Because of the beauty of cherry trees, we found that this allowed us to easily create a more luxurious website, while still maintaining focus on the pick your own cherry service.

We created style tiles for the client to help us define early in the process how similar elements would look – buttons, text, colours, etc. We ensured that we kept both the vibrant colours, but brought in softer and more elegant secondary colours.

Once the style tile was approved from the client, we designed and developed a site that would allow both separation of content depending on what the user was primarily looking for, as well as provide similar information for both service offerings (ie – contact information, information about the venue, etc).

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