Preston Animal Clinic

Website Redesign

About the Client

The client is a veterinary clinic, with a team of half a dozen vets and over a dozen vet techs and assistants. They are located in Cambridge, Ontario and are one of the few clinics in the area to treat exotic pets. They pride themselves on treating everyone and every pet as a part of the family.

The Client's Problem

The client’s previous website solution provided them with a much larger group of services than they required, and they were considering scaling back their website package. They also weren’t getting the results they hoped for given the amount they were being charged. The client was spending a lot of money and asked us to come in and evaluate what they were paying for and what they needed.

We discovered that they were paying for a lot of unused services, and some of the services they were using weren’t being done in an optimal manner. The SEO strategies being used were dated and did not return the results they once had.

The Process

When we evaluated the client’s previous solution, we discovered that we could build an entirely new website that they had full control over that would out perform their existing website for less than they were paying in the first year, and a significant savings every year thereafter.

We began the redesign process by determining a sitemap, a user journey through the site, and developing style tiles for the client. Once the preparation steps were approved and completed, we designed and developed the full site and gave them more control over the content they were publishing. The new website needed to have a warm and fuzzy feeling to help emphasize that pets are considered part of the family.

During the go-live process, their past website provider wasn’t responsive for transferring the domain to the client, and we worked on our client’s behalf to expedite the process of transferring the domain over and pointing to the new server.

The Client's Results

We were able to significantly reduce the client’s website costs on a year-over-year basis. The site now includes current SEO best practices. We are watching with optimism it’s performance going forward and will work with the client to course-correct when needed to get the optimal results they need.

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