Peyton Landry

Website Design and Development

About the Client

Peyton Landry is a Canadian author, who has two blended erotica series. She was in the process of publishing her first series when she contacted MoonSoar Services, looking for someone to help her create a web presence that would drive interest in her series.

The Client's Problem

The author required a website to help promote her books that helped drive interest, but also wasn’t going to alienate visitors who hadn’t yet experienced books in this genre. The website needed to be easy to maintain for someone who had never had a website before, and the author needed to have the ability to easily add products to her store.

The Process

We started the web design process with looking at other author websites in the blended erotic genre. The client specifically stated that she wanted something that could be considered classy and light looking, which would help us stand out from a lot of other authors in the same genre, whose websites often are very dark coloured.

After the research stage, we moved on to create site architecture and user flows for how we would direct users to purchase an item (whether on this website or through another website). We created style tiles to determine colour schemes and what elements would look like across all devices and browser sizes.

Once the client was happy with the appearance of the style tiles, we moved on to the design phase of the website, then the full development.

We created this website on Squarespace as it was the most user friendly option for this particular client, and tied in a MailChimp account with branded email templates, to provide the client with consistent brand imagery across both platforms.

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