Website Design & Development

About the Client

The client had worked in the energy sector for forty years, and had recently struck out on his own as an executive consultant for the industry.

The Client's Problem

The problem at hand was the need for effective promotion of a newly established business that lacked an existing client base. The client faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence through a website to attract potential customers and generate leads. With no existing client network to rely on, the client had to find innovative ways to showcase their products or services, convey their unique value proposition, and build trust with prospective clients. It was crucial to develop a compelling website that not only captured the essence of the business but also engaged and converted visitors into customers. By addressing these promotional hurdles through a well-designed website, the client was able to lay a solid foundation for their business growth and establish a strong online presence in their target market.

The Process

We knew, from our own experience, as well as from other clients’ experiences, that striking out on one’s own can require a lot of upfront work. Especially if you don’t yet have a website, and need to determine what type of content and brand image will best speak to your potential clients. We worked with the client to develop a website that would build trust in the website visitors in order to help our client get his business off the ground.

The process began by defining a primary goal for the website – to get users to contact our client – then developing a sitemap and user journey that would support this goal.

The style tiles were created with an emphasis on inspiring trust, showcasing bold leadership, and reinforcing the sector that the client worked in.

The website was developed on the WordPress platform, using the Elementor page builder, to ensure the website was easy for the client to update should they choose to update on their own.

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