Hearn’s Ice Cream Website Redesign

The Client

The client is an ice cream shop in St Marys, Ontario. They primarily serve ice cream and frozen treats, and specialize in ice cream cakes and pies.

The Problem

The client previously had a website created for them that was not mobile friendly and did not allow people to order cakes through their website. The client needed something that worked on mobile devices for tourists driving through the city, and needed to feature their menu and specialized products that they carried.

The Process

We began the process with upfront research as to what their competition did for mobile users, particularly ones that wanted to purchase ice cream cakes online. We decided the client didn’t require more than a one-page website, as their primarily concern was to have their menu up front and centre.

The process continued with creating style tiles.

As we proceeded through designing the website, we also discovered that the client needed to feature some speciality menu items on their website, that people wouldn’t necessarily be familiar with.

The website was built fully in WordPress, custom built using the Elementor page builder, to allow for ease of use when the customer needed to update their menu items and pricing.

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