Good Night Sleep Site

Website Redesign

About the Client

Good Night Sleep Site is a network of sleep consultants operating throughout North America.  Finding dependable and reliable information on how to improve the quality of your sleep can be a challenge.  Much of the advice you can find online or in talking to others may conflict with one another.  A professional sleep consultant works with families to find out what works for them, and takes into consideration unique factors, the biology of sleep and proper sleep hygiene.

The Client's Problem

Growing a business to something much larger is very rewarding, but even with great success comes challenges.  Good Night Sleep Site consultant sites had increased to over 20 and because of this it had outgrown its original website and hosting requirements. The website was dated and wasn’t intuitive for new visitors. Additionally, the multi gigabyte site stretched the limits of the shared hosting platform and needed to be migrated to a new virtual private server.  Under the initial load, there was downtime and pages took too long to load.

The Process

MoonSoar Services worked within existing branding requirements to give the website a redesign, restructure content for the national and all consultant websites, evaluate (and replace where required) all existing plugins, and migrate the website to a new suitable host while making sure there was minimal down time and none of the years of content was lost in the process.

The new design was created to ensure a fast loading website, while bringing the most important information to the forefront to help new parents decide whether working with a sleep consultant was right for them.

We worked with the client to determine how the majority of current visitors got to their website, and how the client would like them to get to the site moving forward. We also determined how to best direct visitors through the website to either sign up for a sleep package or to sign up for a monthly newsletter.

Good Night Sleep Site User Flow

Once the user flow was created, we worked with existing brand standards to create a specific look for the website, starting with style tiles that allowed us to determine specific elements and how they would look across all devices. Taking the style tiles, we were able to create a design that would be consistent across the national website and all consultant sites.

Good Night Sleep Site Style Tiles

Once the website design was completed and fully coded, we were able to  focus on moving the client’s site over to a dedicated virtual private server. By backing up the existing content, and restructuring the multi-site WordPress install MoonSoar was able to reduce the size of the site significantly, without loosing any content.  With the new dedicated virtual private server, page load times reduced from 10-30 seconds (a seriously negative customer experience) to page load times of under 1 second.

MoonSoar has also taken over operational changes to the website, adding, removing consultants and addressing day to day technical issues.

The Client's Results

Drastically reduced load times and a streamlined site have contributed to a better user experience on the site.  Reducing the load times to 1-2 seconds from the previous 10-30 seconds has resulted in less abandonment on the site and has provided a more professional user experience to prospective clients.

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