Equinox Group

Logo & Brand Design

About the Client

The Equinox Group is a collection of companies operating together. Established in 2021, their focus is on investing in, developing, and financing residential and commercial real estate properties in important markets in North America.


Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the Equinox Group team collaborates and utilizes their extensive experience in acquiring, capitalizing on, and managing real estate assets. With deep knowledge of North America’s real estate and finance industries, the group possesses valuable insights into industry intricacies and dynamics, giving them a strategic advantage in identifying and maximizing opportunities. They prioritize meticulous attention to diligence, processes, planning, and execution, emphasizing integrity and excellence. Equinox Group seeks ethical and respectful businesses and professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional client service, fostering long-lasting positive relationships.


Recognizing that their assets are connected to people and communities, Equinox Group’s mission revolves around the growth, enhancement, and optimization of their residential and commercial real estate properties. They aim to create thriving communities by curating a tenant mix that complements one another, while establishing strong relationships with key stakeholders, tenants, and local communities.


Equinox Group’s strategy focuses on building strong and vibrant communities where people and businesses can thrive. They invest in the revitalization and management of historical and modern buildings across various asset classes, including residential, short-term rentals, office spaces, mixed-use developments, and plazas. They are committed to developing properties that harmonize with and enhance their surroundings. Diversification and fostering positive relationships among tenants and the larger community are strategic priorities. Equinox Group has been operating in the United States and Canada for over 25 years and continues to expand, actively seeking new opportunities with favorable potential.


The Equinox Group consists of several companies and their respective portfolios:

  • PLCSM Corporation: Specializes in property development.
  • Equinox Holdings Corporation Limited: Manages commercial and residential properties, investments, and provides back-office support to all group corporations. They also offer mortgage funding to homeowners who temporarily don’t qualify with traditional banking firms.
  • Madekat Holdings Corporation: Contains a diverse mix of assets, including commercial real estate and agent advances.
  • Island Tryst Holdings Corporation: Offers short-term rentals in Nantucket.
  • Alexander Family Trust: Includes short-term rental properties in Florida.
  • FJP Properties Inc.: Comprises a variety of real estate assets.
  • Fire-Ball Holdings Corporation Limited: Holds commercial properties in Mississauga and other assets.
  • FPM Enterprise Inc.: Manages various real estate properties in North America and European Franchise assets.
  • The Polzler Florida Family Trust: Includes short-term rentals in Florida.
  • LVB Holdings Inc.

Strength: People

Equinox Group has assembled an experienced team responsible for acquiring, administering, financing, developing, and managing each asset. Their integrated team approach ensures a seamless end-to-end process with the right blend of expertise, efficiency, and communication. The company is highly responsive and community-centric, aiming to make a tangible difference in the communities they operate in. Their “community care” approach contributes to positive impacts such as neighborhood revitalization, business growth, occupant health and well-being, and more.


Equinox Group believes in “impact investing” as a model that supports a healthy society, environment, economies, and investments. They see opportunities for positive impact in real estate investments without sacrificing returns, both in existing portfolios and new projects. They aim to contribute to greater prosperity through a circular approach that reinvests in communities through property and people. Equinox Group is investing in the future, expanding their impact, and are just getting started.

The Client's Problem

The client faced a challenge of establishing a visual identity for their new company through a logo design. With no previous branding in place, they needed a distinctive and representative logo that would effectively communicate the essence of their business. It was crucial to create a logo that captured the client’s brand values, unique offerings, and overall vision. The logo would serve as a foundation for their visual identity and would be prominently displayed on various platforms, including their website, marketing materials, and social media. The client sought a logo that would leave a lasting impression, create a sense of professionalism, and resonate with their target audience, ultimately contributing to the successful launch and growth of their new business.

The Process

We kicked off the process by delving into the client’s needs, preferences, and brand identity. Through discussions and research, we gained valuable insights into their business, target audience, and desired brand personality. Based on the gathered information, we created initial logo concepts that explored various styles, typography, and visuals. Our aim was to capture the essence of the business and craft a memorable and versatile logo.

The client reviewed the initial logo concepts and provided feedback, allowing us to refine the chosen concept. We iteratively incorporated the feedback until we achieved a logo design that perfectly represented your brand. Once approved, we refined the details, ensured scalability, and provided the client with the logo in various formats suitable for different applications.

With the approved logo as our foundation, we moved on to creating branding pieces. This included crafting a professional letterhead, eye-catching business cards, and a customized PowerPoint template. Each piece adhered to the newly developed brand identity, maintaining visual consistency.

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