Emm Gryner

Website Redesign

About the Client

Emm Gryner is a highly acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter who has left an indelible mark on the music industry with her immense talent and captivating performances. As a multiple-time Juno nominee, Emm has been recognized for her exceptional songwriting skills and soulful vocals. Her remarkable career highlights include performing alongside the legendary David Bowie, a testament to her extraordinary artistry and ability to captivate audiences on a global scale. Notably, U2’s Bono himself has showered Emm with praise, expressing admiration for her song “Almighty Love” and even remarking that he wished he had written it. With her heartfelt lyrics, haunting melodies, and powerful stage presence, Emm Gryner continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian music scene, enchanting listeners with her unforgettable performances and leaving an enduring musical legacy.

The Process

The client was looking for a website that reflected her pivot to include coaching and speaking services.

The client wanted this redesigned website to be more clean, calming and feminine, with less of a rock and roll vibe.

We worked with the client to determine what content she required on the new site to help support the pivot to her new business, as well as what content that was on her current site wasn’t required any more. We maintained her membership section, as it provided additional income for the client.

The client already had a Squarespace website, and was familiar and comfortable with the platform, so we designed and developed the new site for that platform.

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