Emm Gryner Website Redesign

The Client

Emm Gryner is a multiple time Juno nominated singer-songwriter. She has performed with David Bowie and received praise from U2’s Bono, the latter stating he wished he had written her song “Almighty Love”. Her associated acts are impressive including Trent Severn, David Bowie, Hot One, The Cake Sale and Lawrence Gowan.

The Process

The client was looking for a website that reflected her pivot to include coaching and speaking services.

The client wanted this redesigned website to be more clean, calming and feminine, with less of a rock and roll vibe.

We worked with the client to determine what content she required on the new site to help support the pivot to her new business, as well as what content that was on her current site wasn’t required any more. We maintained her membership section, as it provided additional income for the client.

The client already had a Squarespace website, and was familiar and comfortable with the platform, so we designed and developed the new site for that platform.

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