Amarula Gives

Christmas Campaign

About the Client

Our client, a renowned Canadian PR firm, embarked on an exciting venture to create a captivating holiday campaign for their client, the exclusive distributor of Amarula in Canada. They were not just looking for any designer, but an exceptional visionary who could seamlessly transform their vision into a breathtaking reality. They sought a creative genius who could weave together the essence of the holiday spirit, the luxurious allure of Amarula, and the brand’s unique identity into a mesmerizing campaign. Their ultimate goal was to captivate hearts and leave an indelible mark in the minds of their target audience. This campaign was not just about promoting the brand; it was a heartfelt endeavour focused on spreading love and giving back to charities. With this task at hand, we enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to showcase our expertise and unleash our creativity. We crafted a truly immersive and unforgettable experience that ignited joy, anticipation, and a deep connection with the brand during the festive season, all while supporting charitable causes.

The Process

Having previously collaborated with this brand on a project, we were already well-acquainted with their preferred fonts, colours, and styles for their campaign website. This familiarity made the use of Style Tiles unnecessary, allowing us to jump right into the design process. We began by creating a static design concept, which underwent several rounds of revisions based on client feedback. Once we received approval, we proceeded to the coding phase. The website was developed using WordPress, utilizing the user-friendly Elementor page builder. We incorporated interactive elements like popups, which appeared when clicked, as well as videos and links to individuals participating in the campaign. This combination of visually engaging design and interactive features ensured an immersive and dynamic user experience.

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