Five Quick Tips to Improve Your About Page Right Now

Your About page can definitely play a factor when a potential customer is deciding whether to purchase from you, so make it easy for them to get to know you!

This page can often be overlooked when updating the content on your website. It can also be one of the hardest pages to develop content for – you want to communicate about your company thoroughly, while coming across as being truly genuine.

Here are five tips on how you can improve your current About page right now so you can better connect with potential customers.

Add Personalized Imagery.

Images on a page about a company can communicate so much about you, your corporate culture and the product or service that you provide. They also help customers make a connection with you and can be used to remind customers that there are real people behind your company. Make sure that the imagery used is real imagery of you, your headquarters, your product and/or your staff – if possible, hire a photographer to get some pictures taken for you, so can ensure they maintain the professional image that you want to communicate with customers!

Add a Call to Action.

Something we often forget about on a page like this one is that we still want to guide users to the next step we want them to take. All of your pages should have some sort of call to action to get them to a next step. For example, if you own a brick and mortar store, you want customers to come and visit you, so you should include a call to action somewhere on this page to bring customers to your Contact page to help them find you.

Reformat Your Current Text.

Most people on the Internet don’t read – they skim. Take the content that you currently have on your About page and make it easier for them to skim – use short sentences, short paragraphs and headlines! Lists can also help draw attention to important points about your company that you want your customers to know.

Embed Social Media Content.

Social media is a great way for people to connect with you away from your website. It also lends a sense of legitimacy to your business – customers often go to your social media profiles to see the last time it was updated and how many followers/likes you have. More recently updated social media accounts often equates (at least in customers lives) to a more active business, while more followers and likes often helps to reassure customers that your business isn’t a sham.

Use the first paragraph to tell your customers why you do what you do.

This can help make an emotional connection with your customers. Starting with telling your customers what you do instead of why you do it feels a lot more passive and cold, while telling someone why will often be more resonant with customers.

Your About page is an important part of your company’s website, and deserves to be given your care and attention every so often to update it. Use these tips to improve your About page and help customers make the decision that they want to work with you.

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