Create A Consistent Experience For Your Users

Creating a consistent experience for people who visit your website can go a long way to ensuring they connect better with your brand. This is something that you want to spend some time planning for your website, as it can mean making a lot of adjustments to an already created website. A few ways to create a consistent experience for your users can include the following:

Use the Same Fonts Throughout

The fonts that you use can be a very subtle way to create an experience for your visitors – both good and not-so-good. Ideally, you want the main body font that you utilize to not draw attention to itself; it should be chosen for it’s readability (try Lato, Open Sans, or Droid Sans). The font chosen as a headline should be chosen to compliment your body copy – and you’ll want one that suits the feeling of your brand. Using the same couple of fonts throughout your website can help to create a consistent feeling for your viewers.

Write your Content in the Same Voice

While on your website, a visitor who is considering whether to choose your products or services will often view at least a few pages. When going from one page to another, you want to ensure that each page they visit (and all of the content they read on each page), speaks to them in the same way. Content written in the first person on one page, but in the third person on the next page, can be disjointing for the visitor and take them out of your sales funnel.

Select a Handful of Colours to use Throughout your Website

Preferably with your brand colours, use a selected couple of colours throughout your website – these can be used as colours for links, headlines, or graphic elements throughout your website. But keeping your colours consistent throughout can be a subtle way to connect with your visitors.

Select Pictures with a Similar Feeling

You can easily create a consistent experience for your visitors by using images that have the same feeling throughout – for example, using illustrations on some pages, line drawings on others, and photographs of happy clients on even different pages can cause some disjointment on for your visitors’ journeys.

Creating a style guide can help with creating a consistent appearance. Not only will it help with your website, but you will be able to use it for all of your printed material. If you need help with creating a brand guidelines document, MoonSoar Services would like to speak with you to help you out.

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