Trent Severn: Logo Design

The Client

The client, Trent Severn, is an acclaimed Ontario trio who sings contemporary folk songs that are full to the brim of Canadiana. The trio blends harmony and humour with the roots of everything that embodies Canada.

Trent Severn are a two time Canadian Folk Music Award nominated group.

The Problem

The client was looking for a logo that spoke of folk music days gone by; something that was vintage in appearance and yet wouldn’t be seen as out of date. The logo needed to be used on a variety of media – from promotional posters, to album artwork, to large concert signage.

The Process

We started the logo design process by sketching out some potential logos, drawing on the influence of older vintage typography. The first three concepts that we provided the client were inspired by art deco and art nouveau with a modern twist. After adding embellishments to create a more feminine appearance and with additional art nouveau-esque motifs, the client selected a logo that could easily be used cross-platform at various sizes in various colours.

Logo for Trent Severn

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