Pax Christi: Seasonal Brochure

The Process

A 100-person amateur choir that was in need of a promotional mailer for their upcoming season.

The client was looking for a way to promote the shows of the season through a mailer in a cost-effective manner. The mailer had to include information on the four concerts, a message from the choir director, a way for people to purchase tickets or donate money, as well as include all sponsors of the choir.

After initial investigation, it was discovered that the most cost-effective manner for a promotional piece with these requirements to be sent through the mailer was by creating it as a single self-mailer – a one-piece brochure with postal information on one panel. The remaining panels had to be utilized to the fullest to provide all information in an easy-to-read manner. While blue had previously been a existing colour the client used in branding, the orange was brought in both as a complimentary colour and as it often signifies creativity, something that was in line with what the client reprents.

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