Pax Christi Chorale Seasonal Promotional Pieces

The Client

A 100-person amateur choir that was in need of various promotional pieces for their current season.

The Problem

The client required a number of posters, magazine advertisements and programme covers for their full season of concerts and events. Each promotional piece needed to include choir branding, concert title and soloists. Dependent on the pieces, the time and location and some promotional copy was required as well.

Each concert required a:

  • poster
  • programme cover
  • print add
  • flyer
  • web ad

The Process

Each concert poster was created as a separate entity. Once the concert posters were created and approved by the client, each additional promotional piece was created from elements already created in the poster. This allowed the design process to proceed at a faster rate.

In order to bring the branding of the choir across all promotional pieces for the season, there were certain elements brought across every piece – colours, logos, iconography and fonts – while, allowing each concert group to stand out from each others.

The programme didn’t carry across the same imagery as the other promotional pieces, but instead all looked similar to the other programme covers. This allowed all programme covers to have a consistent appearance throughout.

Selection of printed material for Pax Christi's concert series.

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