Marilyn Payne Consulting: Corporate Website

The Client

The client, Marilyn Payne Consulting, is a consultant in the Greater Vancouver area who provides business and leadership consulting to not-for-profit organizations across Canada. Marilyn Payne Consulting has done consultation for sports organizations of all sizes, from small sports groups, to large provincial organizations, including 2010 Legacies Now and University of British Columbia Department of Athletics & Recreation.

The Problem

The client was looking for a place to direct potential clients to for more information on services provided, as well as a way to showcase what work had been done with clients in the past. The website needed to be accessible to clients over a number of devices (mobile, tablet and desktop) in order to provide the best user experience to all clients. Accessibility was a main concern as well, as some of the client’s potential users required additional accessibility requirements.

The Process

The client wanted the ability to be able to go in and update the website on their own after the initial design was completed, so an easy-to-use backend was a requirement for the project. After exploring options, WordPress was chosen as the best CMS for this client’s project.

A fully responsive WordPress theme was designed and coded from scratch in order to give the client the customized look that they needed to help build their online presence where potential clients could learn about Marilyn Payne Consulting’s service offerings.

Marilyn Payne Consulting website screenshot

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