The Client

The client, ezoBord, is an early pioneer in the field of design driven acoustics. They create architectural and office products for ceilings, walls and furniture that helps creating a better working environment.

The Problem

We had been working with the client for a number of years, updating their current branding and marketing materials to surpass their competition. During this time, the client continued to develop and grow their product line, breaking it apart to service two distinct market segments. We found that the existing website, marketing materials and resources weren’t best servicing either market, so needed to take a look at the overall marketing direction for the client, and update, adjust and create different assets as needed to best help their new customer bases.

The Process

We sat down with the client to review their current website and marketing materials. Through the process, it was identified that off-the-shelf and custom build were two distinct categories and we redesigned the website to focus in on the specific needs of each.

Resources gathered from product fabricators and distributors were consolidated and formatted in easy-to-read product pages. Gaps in product information were identified and added to the redesigned website – including Revit/CAD files, installation instructions, portfolio images and project information, etc.

The client also required a way to provide samples to perspective and existing customers. An online sample ordering system was developed for the website and set up to distribute leads to the closest national distributor. This process involved segmenting into the Canadian, American and European offices, where orders were fulfilled. Additionally, customers were segmented into Architect/Designer and Other to achieve different price points. In addition to capturing leads, the system is also capable of receiving and processing payments when required.

The product specification guide was split in two:

  • a technical manual – ideal for use by architects and engineers to help aid them in developing world-class products that excel in both design and function
  • a second guide for furniture resellers, office/facility managers and owner/operators, who require off-the-shelf solutions for growing or enhanced office spaces

Each product guide had updated line drawings, a full product description, recommended and/or optional hardware, SKU numbers and product details, and links to the full product page on the website. The furniture guide also had pricing included for all products. Both specification guides required different versions for the Canadian, USA, European and UK markets.

Product brochures were enhanced to include more high quality product images, thorough specifications, supplementary components and customization options.

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The Results

Immediately upon launch, a surge of sample orders were received and processed, and strong demand has continued since launch.

Also a large increase in subscribers to the electronic newsletter were received, allowing the client to better build a relationship with potential and current clients who are already interested in their product.